2016 Year End Recap

Navi 2016

Greeg Adventure is yearn for adventure and discovery, and in order to do so, it needs to replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity.

Much like in life, we are held by uncertainties that tie us to a routine but above the feeling of uncertainly is an achievement or discovery waiting to happen.

My 2016 might not too much into travel as much as food trips, but I'm still glad that I was able to do some activities that I have not experience before. And I am also thankful to this Navi 2016 Planner that gives me an idea: the 101 Things To Do in 2016 that keeps me motivated.

Achievement Unlock

#1 Cliff jump at Vinapor Resort

Vinapor Resort

#2 Take a photo with Eiffel Tower at Caffe Antoccino

Caffe Antoccino

#4 Visit a temple - Temple of Leah


#9 Try your luck at Carnival


#11 Witness both a sunrise and sunset in a day


#17 Go to Kota Beach Resort

Kota Beach Resort

#24 Buy and use camera - The Pool Bar


#29 Organize your on-the-road travel playlist

The Travel Playlist

#30 Cook an ordinary dish

Tinolang Manok

#40 Go on an impromptu road trip to Secdea Beach Resort and enjoy lunch buffet

Secdea Resort

#44 Learn how to ice skate at SM Seaside

#49 Try different kind of exotic food at PONGKO PONGKO Redemptorist

#55 Travel to a country you've never been to - without an itinerary

#56 Take a swim in Matin-ao Inland Resort

Mation-ao Inland Resort

#58 Start your own personal blog and document all your travels and adventures

Greeg Adventure

#64 See Mount Apo from a far - Golden Bay Beach Resort and Spa

Golden Bay Beach Resort and Spa

#66 Ride a horse - GAP Farming Resort

GAP Farming Resort

#67 Enjoy Korean food with colleagues at Noonsaram Korean Cafe

Noonsaram Korean Cafe

#71 On a long weekend, check in at a nice hotel just to relax at Butuan

Inn Radz

#73 Check out the Philippine Eagle Center in Davao City

The Philippine Eagle

#76 Create Latte art  at Bean Voyage Coffee Roaster

Bean Voyage Coffee Roaster

#78 Be a tourist around your own town - Christmas Mansion


#86 Travel the Philippines alone at Bluejaz Resort

Bluejaz Resort

#90 Visited a local province that I've never been to before - Tagum City

Holy Rosary Garden

#91 Take a basic mountaineering course with EDGE Outdoor Specialist

#92 Travel outside Manila alone - Sunshine Land

Alice in Wonderland

#93 Ride a ferry - TurboJet

#95 Visit at least one country per continent - Macau

#100 Watch and attend a film festival

Korean Film Festival

#101 Be one with the nature at Eden Nature Park


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