GAP Farming Resort

Gap Farming Resort

Finally! I was able to reach this area for the second try. My first attempt was a mess and I forgot to bring my phone which I used to take a photos. Crazy right? 😀 😀 😀

GAP Orchard Resort, a sprawling 10 - hectare farm orchard, dedicated to durian, rambutan, pomelo and other tropical fruits. Located approximately five kilometers away from the bustling heart of the city, it is set amidst verdant tropical greenery and Philippine flora. It showcases an outdoor museum of Philippine folklore, history and culture, three swimming pools (olympic size pool, kiddie pool and jacuzzi), an old World War II Japanese carved tunnel, a chapel dedicated to the Santo Nino and the Mother of Perpetual Help, horseback riding facilities, convention hall, mythical statues scattered in various spots within the vicinity, cottages and picnic areas and a campsite as well. It is a popular tourist destination not just for family outing but also for students during field trips.

Upon entering GAP Farm, a huge concrete statue of a farmer riding on a carabao warmly welcomes its visitors. This is a monument of a poor pioneer settler as one of the great developers on a very rich Mindanao. The monument is facing towards the huge marble imprint of the phrase "Land of Promise" which is one of the main attraction in GAP Farm.

Some other statues that you will find within the resort are: The Parade of Some Philippines Animals Tamed and Wild, The Greatest Filipino People, The Philippine Presidents and The Philippine Indigenous Tribes.


From Davao International Airport, take a bus going to MA-A and just tell the driver/conductor to drop you off at the gasoline station crossing area of MA-A and Diversion Road. Then ride a motor bike going to GAP Farm. It is just 15php and 10php for the fare.

More information

Open Hours : 10:00am - 05:00pm (Daily)
Entrance : 50php
Pool : 50php
Address : Green Meadows, Ma-a, Davao City
Contact : (082) 244 0156 / 09277028230 / 09326531369
Website :
Email :

Land of Promise

Philippine Animals
The Parade of Some Philippines Animals Tamed and Wild


The Parade of The Greatest Filipino People and The Philippine Presidents

Giant Laziness
Giant Laziness

Conferencia ng mga Multo sa GAP Farming

Conferencia ng mga Multo sa GAP Farming


The Philippine Indigenous Tribes
The Parade of The Philippine Indigenous Tribes

Philippine Tree House


Swimming Pool

Olympic Size Swimming Pool

Kiddie Swimming Pool


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