Hugot Carnival

Carnivals are very common tradition for most of the Filipinos especially when there is an upcoming event in your area. Sometimes, being in carnivals, I could imagine or even relate it to life situation which brings us a "hugot" moment. 


dont let anyone ever make you feel 
like you dont deserve what you want


yung dating carousel lang ang nagpapaikot sa 'kin
ngayon, ikaw na


kahit pinapasakay ka lang niya
nag-eenjoy ka pa rin


ayaw ko nang sumugal kasi 
ang sakit paasahin ang sarili mong mananalo ka
kahit alam mong talong talo kana


to LEFT the person who hurt you
and find the RIGHT person that loves you


akala mo forever na kasi masaya kana 
yun pala pinaikot ka lang,+Poblacion+District,+Davao+City,+8000+Davao+del+Sur,+Philippines@7.078896379132426,125.61336278915405&z=10

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