Kaputian Beach Park Resort

Kaputian Beach Park

Davao is one of the country’s top destinations when it comes to white sand beaches. Foremost are the pristine beach waters offered by Samal Island – a 15-minute boat ride away from the busy districts of Davao City.

Kaputian Beach Park Resort is a government-owned facility located in the southernmost part of Samal Island. It is one of the most popular beach resorts in the Island and is known for its white sand shoreline. The entrance fee to the resort is only P15.00. Cottages and rooms are also available at very affordable rental rates.


Entrance Fee : 15php
Non-Airconed Cottage : 300php / night
Airconed Cottage : 800php / night
Red Roofed Cottage : 100php for dayuse
Nipa Hut : 250php for dayuse


From Davao District, Sasa Wharf, catch the ferry going to Samal for just 10php. When you arrived in the Samal Port, you may contact Kuya Schuck (0949-872-0089 or 0955-961-4638) if you plan to have a cheap and affordable tour guide or a ride on his motorcycle.

Kaputian is more or less, 27 kms from the ferry port. But it’s not a hassle considering that the road is all concrete. Plus the view is fantastic! Going to the area, you may stop by the Blue Bird viewdeck to take photos as it has a stunning view of Malipano Island and the Davao Gulf.

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