Matin-ao Inland Resort

Matin-ao Inland Resort

To travel is to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

With the changes of my working routine, I felt stress and burn out of my workload. I decided to travel around Davao del Norte, particularly in the Municipality of New Corella.

Matin-ao Inland Resort is one of the resort known to be a natural spring that flows into the swimming pool. It is also one of the most visited  resort in the area since it is being operated and owned by a private stakeholder.

The resort covers kids, adult and middle-age swimming pools that gives you a perfect relaxation either by under the sun or by a covered area (cooled swimming pool area).

You may check the rates below for inquires:
*Note: Prices may change without any prior notice


Entrance Fee
Regular : 35php (free use of all swimming pools)

Super Big Kubo : 1000php
Big Kubo : 500php (15 pax)
Small Kubo : 350php (15 pax)
Table : 300php (6 pax)

Rooms fully air-conditioned
Supper Big Rooms :
   3500php (24hrs)
   3000php (12hrs)
   - with 3 queen size bed
   - unlimited person allowed

Big Rooms :
   1700php (24hrs)
   1500php (12hrs)
   - with 1 queen-size bed
   unlimited person allowed

Regular Rooms :
   1500php (24hrs)
   1200php (12hrs)
   - with 1 single size bed
   - unlimited persons allowed

Small Rooms :
   1200php (24hrs)
   1000php (12hrs)
   - with 1 single size bed
   - 2 person allowed

Family Rooms :
   3500php (24hrs)
   3000php (12hrs)
   - with 1 queen size bed
   - unlimited person allowed
   - 200php extra foam

Function Hall
Old Canteen : 5000php (120pax)
Front Canteen : 5000php (100pax)
Function Aircon : 5000php (35pax)

Corkage Fee
Lechon : 200php per piece
Soft Drinks : 50php per piece
Hard Drinks : 50php per piece

Van Charges
1 day rent : 3000php w/o fuel
1 way (Tagum/Matin-ao) : 600php (below 10 pax)
2 ways (Tagum/Matin-ao) : 1000php (below 10 pax)

How to get there

From Davao City, take a bus going to Tagum and drop off at the Tagum City Overland Transport Integrated Terminal (TCOTIT). From there, take a jeepney going to New Corella Jeepney terminal and take a single motor going to the resort.

More information:

Address : New Corella, Tagum City Davao
Contact : 09265225516 / 09207197448

Tagum City Overland Transport Integrated Terminal (TCOTIT)

New Corella Jeepney terminal


Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool
10 feet

Swimming Pool
5 feet

Swimming Pool
7 feet

Swimming Pool
4 feet

Swimming Pool
6 feet

Swimming Pool
2 feet

Swimming Pool
3 feet


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