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The newest craze sport in town is the wall climbing. EDGE Outdoor Specialist offered an indoor activities located at the 4th level GMall of Davao. The said sport really needs an extra energy and a workout muscles. It is not just a fun activity but also it helps you to boost your strength and muscles. The rates are very affordable (check it below) but if it is your first time to climb in just like me (wink wink), you may try the 3 Rounds Program for just 100php with an inclusion of Rock Shoes and Chalk Ball - Woah! That's super affordable!


Basic Entry Pass:
1 hour Program - 180php
3 hour program - 350php (big saver)

Additional Equipment:
Rock Shoes - 50php
Chalk Ball - 50php

For the first round, they will suggest to climb the extreme lane which is really look difficult for me. I asked "WHY?" then he answered "so that you will still have a chance to climb the easy lane whenever you failed the difficult lane hence climbing will make your forearm tired". 

After that round, my forearms got tired and I'm not sure if I can still go on the next round (hahahaha) but I really wanted to try it out so I just waited for few minutes to relax and stretch before I get back on the track. 

The easy lane is pretty nice and awesome though I was not able to hit the top most but it is really feels great when you have done something you never done it before.

Other Serves Offered :

  • Mt. Apo Climb
  • Corporate Adventure
  • Outdoor Adventure
    • Guided Outdoor Trips
    • Caving
    • Kayaking
    • Dragon Boating
    • Rock Climbing
    • And many more
  • Mobile Adventure Tower
    • Wall Climbing
    • Rapelling
    • Zipline

More information:

Address : 4th flr. GMall of Davao
Contact No.: 0919-8172298,+Poblacion+District,+Davao+City,+Davao+del+Sur,+Philippines@7.077886899999999,125.6139905&z=10

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  1. Nice adventure! Interesting to try this one as it looks so cool even though it's just place on the mall. Good to see you climbed striving to reach the goal. Keep it up!