Golden Bay Beach Resort and Spa

Golden Bay Beach Resort and Spa

On the last day of April, we had an outing adventure with my former colleagues until the first day of May. We went to Golden Bay Beach Resort and Spa situated at Limao District, Island Garden City of Samal.

The resort has a crystal clear water where you can even see some fishes and star fish around the area. They are also have a free corkage fee so make sure bring all necessary utensils, ingredients, food, snack and drinks.

The outing was so fun especially the cooking segment because we don't have much utensils but we still manage to serve the our meal for the day. And after that we put up our tent on the seashore.

More information:


Entrance Fee
ADULT: 85/pax overnight ; 55/pax Daytour
CHILDREN: 60/pax overnight; 40/pax daytour

Aircon Rooms: 3,500 good for 2-4pax
Non-aircon Rooms: 2,500 good for 8pax
Non-aircon Rooms: 1,500 good for 4pax
Big open Cottages: 950(daytour); 1,200 (overnight)
Small open Cottages: 500 (daytour); 750 (overnight)
Function Area with videoke: 4,500 and 5,500

Address : Purok 4 Brgy. Limao Island Garden City of Samal
Contact : (082) 225-5110 / (082) 304-5735
Website :

Grilled Pork and Pusit


Watermelon and Banana



Mt. Apo


Golden Bay

The long jetty

Star Fish

Egg, Hotdog and Dried Fish

Panga and Egg

Corned Beef

Random Shots

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