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Macau is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. It is a former Portuguese colony and was the last remaining European colony in Asia until it was given back to China in 1999. It is bordered by Guangdong Province, China and the South China Sea. Macau is one of the world’s richest cities and is known for its many striking casinos and hotels. Also found in Macau is the Historic Centre of Macau which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Macau was geographically divided into three regions: the peninsula and two islands. However, reclamation of the area between Taipa and Coloane has created the fourth region of Cotai.

Places of Interest

1. Ruins of St. Paul's
2. Macao Museum
3. Monte Fort
4. Senado Square
5. Casino Lisboa
6. Wynn Macau
7. MGM Macau
8. Kun Iam Ecumenical Center
9. Macao Science Centre
10. Macau Fisherman's Wharf Convention and Exhibition Centre
11. Grand Prix Museum
12. Wine Museum
13. Lotus Square
14. Santa Casa Da Misericordia Albergue
15. Colégio Diocesano De S. José
16. The Venetian Macao
17. The Parisian Macao

St. Paul’s Ruins

St. Paul’s Ruins

Saint Dominic's Church

Casino Lisboa

Casino Lisboa

Sands Casino

Kun Iam Ecumenical Center

Macau Fisherman's Wharf Convention and Exhibition Centre

Grand Prix Museum

Wine Museum

Lotus Square

Garden of Commander Ho Yin

R. de Eduardo Marques

Colégio Diocesano De S. José

Santa Casa Da Misericordia Albergue

Venetian Macau

The Parisian Macao,113.54387300000008&z=10

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  1. Our trip was only about half a day but you'd be surprised we've gone to all important/notable places in Macau. We landed in Macau after lunch and was greeted by a kababayan and offered us an all-in guided tour. we went to most if the five-star hotels and casinos and took photos as much as we want. Our stops were short though, taking about just 15-20 minutes per stop. That's why we managed to finish all before 7pm. It was one fast-paced trip indeed, but we definitely and enjoyed our overall Macau trip!