Gingoog City

Gingoog City

Taking a day tour here in Gingoong City before heading back to CDO from Butuan.

Gingoog is a Manobo word for good luck. The word implies good fortune, thus Gingoog means the city of Good Luck. Gingoog originated from a thriving native settlement of Manobo tribe in the area, known today as Barangay Daan-Lungsod. The influx of migrants from neighboring places contributed to the city’s growth, giving rise to the necessity of expansion.

Abundant in the supply of fruits such as lanzones, durian, mangosteen, mango, rambutan and marang. It is also abundant in vegetables such as tomatoes and sweet peas. Among its produce are rice, corn, coconut, banana, coffee, spices and root crops. Furthermore, it has vast potentials for large scale livestock and poultry production.

Paseo Grill and Resto

Fruit plaza Gingoog City



Promenade by The Bay,+Misamis+Oriental,+Philippines@8.8229902,125.09763550000002&z=10

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