Everytime I went back to my home town, I used to take the road going Bukidnon but this time, I decided to take the other way and have a day tour around the area - Butuan.

I have been to Butuan before during our weekend getaway with my #IDIOTS friends and it was super awesome experience.

My Dream Place

During my day tour, we stayed in My Dream Place. It is very convenient, accessible, near the highway, peaceful, walking distance from Robinson Mall and very good staff at reasonable price for a comfy place with wi-fi in it and free breakfast.

For the lunch, we went to Robinson and dine in at BonChon and enjoy the Korean style Chicken 😀

More information

Address : First St., Pareja Subd., Butuan
Contact : 0917 323 3373

Bood Promontory & Eco Park

This hill site - Bood in Butuanon dialect - holds a dual historical significance. This hill overlooks ancient Butuan and Masao River and is the highest elevation nearest to the seaside village of present day Masao, surely it must have been a mute highness to the glory of ancient Butuan as an important trading port with extensive links to various Asian Kingdoms and center of the gold industry from the 10th to 13th century.

The Bood Promontory Eco-Park is the site of commemoration of the First Mass where Magellan and his men erected a cross on March 31, 1521.

It is the highest elevation and promontory overlooking the whole of Butuan bay then. Today, the indigenous “Hadlayati Tree” still abound lording over a Clonal nursery and tree park, and the serpentine Masao River (El Rio de Butuan) amidst fishponds and archaeological treasures,+Butuan+City,+Agusan+Del+Norte,+Philippines@8.9526571,125.49220489999993&z=10

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