EAT-tinerary : Where to eat in Cebu?

Cebu Eat-tinerary

Known as the "Queen City of the South" - Cebu City continues to be the land of opportunity in the lower region and now they have tourism to bolster up the economy even higher. Adding to its historical landmarks that are already itinerary staples. Cebu has put a premium on aesthetics, leisure and activities, balancing the flower fields and the charming parks with the emerging night scene and extreme outdoor adventure. Cebu may be the oldest city in the country but it sure is neither looking nor acting line one.

Living in Cebu for 2 years, I would like to share with you the best restaurants in town.

Alejandro's Crispy Pata

Known for its deep-fried to a crackling crispiness, tenderness and juiciness crispy pata.

Crispy Pata

Kuya J

A casual dining restaurant that offers great Filipino gastronomic delights using quality and unique tasting dishes in a homey dining experience.

Baked scallops

Cafe Laguna

A landmark for wholesome and delicious Filipino cuisine.

Lechon Kawali

Dong Juan

One cozy restaurant to visit and have a delightful meal with family & friends, that is just within your budget.

Baby Back Ribs

Bucket Shrimp

Their main players are the Boiled Shrimps with their best seller Cajun sauce followed by the Garlic Butter and Curry along with Saucy Crab Eva and The Musselmania all served in a bucket.

Bucket Shrimp


A group of casual - fine dining restaurants known for authentic Capampangan dishes and different Filipino specialties, originating from Pampanga.



Serving Cebu's best-tasting thin crust pizzas in a venue supportive of local music and the arts!


Casa Verde

Enjoy great food and quality service at reasonable prices in a comfortable atmosphere.

Club Sandwich,+6000+Cebu,+Philippines@10.3156992,123.88543660000005&z=10

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