Bucket Shrimp

Azaza team was thinking about company dinner again after office hours but this time we are considering an open air restaurant. Bucket Shrimp was on the top list and I was thinking (back in my mind) that it would not be good for me because of my allergies to shrimps but going to try and see what will happen. Well, the interior of the restaurant will take you to a tropical beach and the services is good. For the food, I cannot say something about their main dish which is shrimp on a bucket but I think they are tasty and delicious. They also serve Crab Soucy Relieno, Mussellmania, soft Shell Thai Shrimp, Wing-it, Hot Legs, Liempo Loco, Crazy Pusit and Swimming Seapasstian.

More information:

Open daily :
11:00AM - 02:00PM
05:00PM - 10:00PM

Address : 11 Orchid Street Capitol Site, Cebu City
Contact No.: 09423820910
Website :,+Cebu+City,+Cebu,+Philippines@10.313417770693711,123.89022722840309&z=10

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