Happy Holiday, CDO

Happy Holiday

How was you Holiday? Was it good? Was it awesome? I hope it was not bad after all.

A day after our final Kris Kringle, I quickly headed to the bus station to avoid a long queue line especially these holiday seasons. My bus trip was a headache since the road is under construction while on my way home. But thank to God, all is well.

What I did during Holiday :

Navi 2015

I have tackled lots of challenges this year and all of those helped me to become a better one. And I am also thankful to this Navi 2015 Planner that gives me an idea: the 101 Things To Do in 2015 that keeps me motivated. 

Achievement Unlock

#2 Do yoga (zumba instead) every morning (weekend instead) for one month
#6 Decorate a room for someone else
#8 Do a solo street dance in front of a crowd
#10 Watch sunset onboard a yacht (in a bus instead)
#15 Attend an Easter Salubong mass
#17 Have a pen pal from a different country
#21 Be less serious
#30 Go on an Africa Safari (Manila Zoo instead) adventure
#32 Become a morning jogger
#36 Watch a film entry in a movie festival
#40 Go for at least a week (less than a week instead) without Internet
#41 Learn a foreign language
#43 Take up Photography 101
#45 Conquer your fear of spicy food
#47 Make your own video montage
#50 Do one thing that scare me
#57 Go island hopping
#58 Wear a country's native costume
#65 Take photos of your adventure using a black and white camera
#67 Swim like a mermaid
#75 Take a leave from work and visit every (at least instead) region in the Philippines
#76 Have a photo beside a full-grown tiger
#79 Put up your own food blog
#81 Start a small investment
#87 Make your own halo-halo5 version for summer
#98 Tour Corregidor (Intramuros instead) for a day
#101 Get lost and find your way back home

Thank you 2015 for being part of my life and hello 2016. Happy New Year!,+9000+Misamis+Oriental,+Philippines@8.4542363,124.63189769999997&z=10

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