Kris Kringle 2015

Yippeee! Christmas is in the air. While the celebration of the birth of our beloved Jesus Christ is fast approaching, we are also excited for the Kris Kringle, a fun tradition of buying and giving gifts to your friends and loved ones. To make it exciting, participants must submit their code names. Once code names are settled, it will then be shuffled. Each participant picks one and decides what gifts to give. During the gift giving, the code names will be revealed through exchanging of gifts: your gift to the one you picked and the gift you received from your secret santa.


  1. Each must have their own code name and must be unique.
  2. Each must give a weekly gift according to the theme. The maximum spend is P50.

Goya Chocolate
Theme: Something reminds you of me
"favorite man gud nako ang dark chocolate, tong time sa una na nagacrave jud ko tas naa ko sa balay ato sa akng foster family. akng tito gitagaan ko niya atong Goya dark. tapos didto na love nako siya ug maayo esp. na tong pagkaalam nko na affordable lang siya. tas mapalit lng sa convenience. pag feeling sad ko diri sa ofis tas weak kay nagaadto lng ko sa convenience para mupalit ana tas feeling nko kay narecharged nako."

Our Daily Bread
Theme: Something you hate/we don't like
"dile na nako kelangan kay nabasa nana nako, about mga fears man pud atong code name, maayo nalang na basabasahon para ma overcome nimo ang imong fears"
-Slippery Slope

Theme: Something reminiscent of childhood
"mao ni akong ihatag ky mao mani akong favorite nga gakan-on atong grade school pako"

Superior Diamond Tootpick
Theme: Something makes you crazy
"I'm sure it will make you crazy 6 packs of toothpick.  1 year supply."
-Odong with Sardinas

And I would like also to thank Mr. Vin Diesel for granting my top wishlist which the Navi 2016 Planner. To Ms. Neri Naig, thank you so much for this Spaghetti Package hehehe. And lastly to the Share Source Company for this yummy Jamon de Belo and Bowl with Mug. Thank you so much.

Wishlist: Boxers/Cycling (Large, toilet bowl brush, grocery items

To Mr. Gerbie R, please accept my mini pleasant gift for you from the bottom of my heart. And thank you for the outreach organizer for this event for giving us a way to give back and let others experience most of our life.

Merry Christmas everyone and advance Happy New Year!

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