Musuan Peak

Mt. Musuan Zoological and Biological Garden

On the 2nd day of my Valencia, Bukidnon Escapade, me and my bestie went on the southern part for our next destination - Musuan Peak. A few miles away from Valencia Terminal going to Maramag. The plan was to climb the peak of Mount Musuan in the morning then chill out in Lake Apo by lunch then soak our selves in a cold spring at Edlimar before going home.

Musuan Peak is located in Musuan, Dologon, Maramag Bukidnon. It is also known as Mt Musuan, listed as one of the active volcanoes in the Philippines and a popular tourist attraction in Bukidnon. It has an elevation of 646 meters above sea level and a base diameter of 3 kilometers.

Musuan Peak property is part of Central Mindanao University complex and is officially called Mt. Musuan Zoological and Biological Garden. There are several species of plants within Mount Musuan as well as small insects.

Hiking the peak from the ground going to the top will take an hour or less and going down will just take 15mins. Just make sure to bring bottled water to stay hydrated.


From Valencia Bus Terminal, ride a multicab going to Maramag and tell the driver to drop you at Musuan Peak. The fare is just 10php.

More information

Rooms : 50php / head
Business Hours : 4am - 5pm (Daily)
Entrance Fee : 20php
Address : Musuan, Dologon, Maramag Bukidnon
Contact : Sir Simbonio - 09177731952

Maramag Bukidnon

Musuan Peak

Pine Trees



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