Experience Kadayawan 2017

Experience Kadayawan

Happy 32nd Kadayawan, Davaoeños

Kadayawan 2016 as my first kadayawan experience, it was good but it's just that i haven't able to see more activities during that time since I'm still not familiar with the places here in Davao, had conflict schedule with my work and not sure which event should i attend or go first.

And this time, it's way better than before. I was able to hop on different activities, had fun, enjoy and blend my self with them.

August 19

Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan (Street Dancing Competition) | 7AM from Magsaysay Avenue to San Pedro Squar
- It will showcase dance contingents from the different regions of Mindanao. A people's celebration and merriment through choreographed and theatrical street-dancing competition anchored on indigenous traditions.

Kadayawan Square

August 20

Pamulak sa Kadayawan | 8 AM, Magsaysay Avenue to San Pedro Square
- The grand Finale of Kadayawan sa Davao Festival, the showcase of blooming and lush flora in a float parade and competition teeming with artistry as the floats impress the festival's theme and blessings of bounty.

Pitik Kadayawan
- One vibe. One beat. One Rhythm. A drumbeating competition that highlights the indigenous melody and beat of the diversified Davao tribes.

Lankuban sa Ka'andayawan | 6 PM, Palma Gil Street (near People's Park)
- A confluence of esteemed Mindanaoan artists in celebration of the bountiful Kadayawan in a night filled with music and performing arts.





Efficascent Oil


August 14- 20

Kadayawan Village and Bantawan - Cultural Show | Magsaysay Park
- The eleven tribal communities in Davao City, namely: Tagabawa, Klata, Ovu, Manuvu, Ata Manuvu, Matigsalog, Maranao, Maguindanao, Tausug, Sama, Kagan, and Iranon - take center stage with their cultural pride and identity. A story told through a showcase of authentic lifestyle, performances, craft-making, rituals and costumes.



Mugna Kadayawan (Doodle Coompetition)

August 18-20

Kaondayawan (Food, Music and Arts) | Palma Gil Street (near People's Park)
- Food street with nightly happenings and entertainment


Kaizen Davao - Japanese Street Dining
Kaizen - japanese street dining

Bahay Kubo - Your Healthy Choice
Bahay Kubo - serve rice topping of your choice (adobo, korean and sisig)

Yummy-oh! - serve not just unique but it is also healthy meal

KombiNation - serve affordable juice of your choice (blue lemonade, green apple and lychee),+Poblacion+District,+Davao+City,+Davao+del+Sur,+Philippines@7.064980469317958,125.60817539691925&z=10

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