Simala Shrine

Monastery of the Holy Eucharist

Two years ago, Simala Shrine was constructing a new bridge on the right most of the castle church and the ground has a lot of tress. And now, it has a lot of changes like the bridge is finally done and the ground, they developed and landscape it and also added a fish pond. It has a lot more impressive every now and then.

Simala Shrine is located at Marian Hills, Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga Cebu. It is a good stop over to offer a prayer when you are planning a trip going to south or you may just go and visit to offer praises, thanksgivings, sacrifices and petitions to God and Mama Mary.

More information

Address : Marian Hills, Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga Cebu
Holy Mass Schedule :
   Sunday - 12:00nn & 3:30pm
   Monday to Friday - 12:00nn
   Saturday - 10:30am & 3:30pm

Colored Candles : 35php each
   Gold - Healing (good health, recovery, spiritual, family tree)
   Green - Prosperity/Success (exam, study, financial, business)
   Blue - Perseverance (employment, career, assignment, promotions)
   Violet - Achievement (plans in life, struggles, endeavors, journey, voyage)
   Red - Love (unity, friendship, engagement, family)
   Yellow - Peace (courage, strength, hope)
   White - Purity (enlightenment, guidance, right path)
   Orange - Reconciliation (sweetheart, wife, husband, enemy, family)
   Pink - Thanksgiving/Happiness/Joy (spiritual, physical)
   Black - Souls (forgiveness, pardon)
   Brown - Vocation (marriage bond, God’s servant, single life)
   Gray - Deliverance (bad ways, things, spirits)
   Cream - Conversion/Faith (children, household, couples)

Castle Church

Simala Shrine

Simala Church,+Cebu,+Philippines@9.979427855961614,123.59979629516602&z=10

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