Sirao Garden, Little Amsterdam

After I had a relaxation weekend in Batayan Island, I immedietely went to Sirao Garden located at Brgy Sirao, Cebu City for my next destination.

Last time, Cebu brought us into a Rome scenic structure with Temple of Leah and now, Cebu will bring us into Netherlands. Sirao Garden is known to be a Little Amsterdam because of it's colorful flowers that cover some square meter of the land.

The red, yellow, orange and pink flowers are the flame-like celosia flowers that bloom all year round as per management. And aside from these multi color flowers, the management also grow daisy, sunflowers, chrysanthemum and gypsophila.

Going there, you need to take a motorbike ride for about 45 minutes. Since there is no regular way of commuting from the city proper, motor drivers offer 200php rate for the round trip fare.

More information:

Entrance : 50php
Address : Brgy. Sirao, Cebu City
Website :
Email :,+Cebu+City,+Cebu,+Philippines@10.406189471352947,123.86587142944336&z=10

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