Happy Grandparent's Day

I Heart Lola & Lolo

Grandparent's Day is a secular holiday celebrated to honor grandparents for their contribution to our lives, and to give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children's children. As the number of grandparents continues to grow so does the impact they make on the lives of their grandchildren.


In my entire life, only Nanay Oning and Tatay Guiling whom I recognize as my grandparents as well as Tatay Vergello - the ex lover of Nanay Oning.  They were all in my mother side while in my father side, I rarely recognize them since we do not often see each other and the last time I remember was during the burial of Lolo Gregorio.

In lue with National Grandparents Day, I would like to thank them for their kind and generous to their children and immeasurable love to us.

Tatay Guiling

Tatay Guiling, he is my idol. Despite of his age, he still have an energy to woke up early in the morning to do his daily routine as a vendor at Agora Bus Terminal. We are very thankful to have him because he is always there to nurture and support us. I hope God will shower you more blessings, long life and good health. You are the best!

Nanay Oning

To my beloved Nanay Oning who passed away, we are very blessed to have your unconditional love that you have given us. You were truly an "ilaw ng tahanan". Your love will always remain in our hearths. Thanks for everything, Nay.

Tatay Vergello, thanks for everything even we rarely see each other. Hard working truly runs in our blood that up to now you still selling despite of your age. May God blessed you a long long life and good health.

To all grandparents out there, thank you and Happy Grandparent's Day.,+9000+Misamis+Oriental,+Philippines@8.4542363,124.63189769999997&z=10

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