Kawaii Cafe

Kawaii Cafe

The last time I remember that I have been into a place like this that served Hello Kitty inspired design was in Cafe Tiala in Cebu. Kawaii is a Japanese word that describes something cute or lovely which they came up into Kawaii Cafe. They are located at Dona Segunda Complex / Ponciano Street Davao City.

When I was in Cagayan de Oro few months ago, I was able to taste the sweetness of the milkshake at Something Sweet by Ann. And now, for the Davao version, Kawaii Cafe has a different way of serving their milkshake. They called it Extra Freaky Milkshake topped with cake, stick-o, brown cookie, oreo, marshmallows, hello! chocolate, etc. One more thing, aside from chocolate flavor milkshake, they also offer vanilla, strawberry, java chips, coffee and mocha flavors.

For sure, you will love to try it back once tasted

More information :

Store Hour :
   10:00AM - 11:PM (Daily)

Address : Dona Segunda Complex / Ponciano Street Davao City
Contact : 0999 007 7061

Hello Kitty Cupcakes


Cookies & Cream

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