D' Bone Collector Museum Inc.

D' Bone Collector Museum

D' Bone Collector Museum Inc. is a three-storey building located at San Pedro Ext., Davao City. The first floor are the souvenir items, then the wild bone animals like Tiger, Horse, Snake, Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Mouse, Birds, Monkey, and many more are on the second floor while on the third level are underwater sea creatures like Whale, Shark, Dolphin, Crocodile, Turtle, Fish, Corals and many more. 

Most bones from second floor were donated outside Davao City and even from international places like those tiger, bear, ostrich, sheep or ram while on the third floor were mostly from Davao Gulf. Cause of death of most dolphins and whales are because of trash thrown irresponsibly by people who care less of the nature underwater

More information:

Entrance fee :
    Standard - 80php
    Student - 70php

Address :San Pedro Extension (Bucana),  Barangay 76-A, Davao City
Contact : 0919 624 0744

Sperm Whale










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