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We, Filipinos, love to take pictures everywhere, making memories to look at in the future or even selfies in which we are good at. Taking selfies with OPPO F1 Selfie Expert

Long before, no one really knew what taking picture of yourself means. The prime reason of taking a snap of yourself from a digital camera is to have this feeling of acceptance; acknowledging your facial features and the emotions being captured. 

In order for you to take a perfect selfie, you have to consider these legitimate steps before uploading it:

  1. The place defines your mood. Although it's generally a selfie and the subject is yourself, the background plays an essential part of the whole photo. There's no reason for you to be sad if you are on the beach unless of course you are surrounded with shivers of sharks.
  2. The light is right. Selfies on the dark gets a little bit tricky as it is very difficult to capture the mood behind you. But of course with OPPO F1 Selfie Expert, you can have a perfect selfie with its Screen Flash featured.
  3. The angle is everything. Taking selfie with your short hand might give an odd to your picture unless you have monopod to avoid cropped image but with OPPO F1 Selfie Expert, it gives you a wide f/2.0 aperture lens and a sensor size of ¼ inches.
  4. The looks can be deceiving. Of course, when taking selfies we make sure that we are charming, dazzling, gorgeous, pleasing, lovely or anything that makes us stunning. With OPPO F1 - Beautify 3.0 feature adds up to your advantage that enhances your look for an always perfect selfie experience. 
  5. The fun never ends. Chances are if you are having fun taking photos, your followers will have fun looking at it, which means more likes! Most importantly, you want to be able to look back at the picture and remember the great time you had.

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  1. Gorgeous! Look so fabulous! Thank you for your wonderful tips on how to take selfie. I will apply it to myself. Thanks

  2. Sali ka po for bloggers :)