Jack's Ridge

Jack's Ridge

Since we don't have a work today because of Australia Day, I decided to go to LTO Office to have my Student Permit License Card processed. But to no avail, I wasn't able to get one since it already run out of priority number. I felt a little bit down and had some regrets because after completing the requirement, nothing's happened. So I told my self to postpone it next week.

To lift up my feelings, I decided to go somewhere that I can see some part of Davao from up there. And this Jack's Ridge Resort and Restaurant pops out of my head. Jack's Ridge is a Davao version of High Ridge of Cagayan de Oro but the difference is that, it has a pool, playground, souvenir shop and different sort of bars & restaurant.

The area is very nice. It is overlooking some part of Davao. Most of the resto bar and store here start at dawn so since I'm little bit earlier than expected, most of the stores were closed. It's like I own the place since none's around (hahaha). It's really quiet and relaxing. Though I haven't tried the food yet, I will make sure to come back next time and taste the goodness.

More information:

Kool Kats Pool

Store hours:
  9:00am – 10:00pm (Monday to Thursday)
  8:00am – 11:00pm (Friday t0 Sunday)

Swimming Fee:
  Adult – P100.00
  Kids – P100.00 (12 years old and below)

(Note: Pool is under maintenance at the moment) 

Address : Jack's Ridge Resort and Restaurant Corp. Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City
Contact No.: 63.82.2978830 to 31




Kool Pool




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