City of Smile, Bacolod


It is my first time to visit Bacolod City: a 20-minute flight via Cebu City. Bacolod is known for being a relatively friendly city for it bears the nickname the "City of Smiles".

I arrived there early in the morning since I took the first flight. I went to The Ruins as my first destination spot. I then went back to the downtown to roam around there plazas, malls, and had a taste of there very own delicacies. On the next day, I visited the Campuestohan Highland Resort that makes me feel like I was a child. It's really fun and so awesome. Although some featured activities are still under development, surely, I will visit there soon and I will make sure all attractions and activities are available! And that would be a visit to the resort and Masskara festival adventure in one.

Plaza Stage

Plaza Monument

Plaza Structure

Plaza Fountain

Pope John Paul Tower

San Sebastian Cathedral Bishop Place


Robinson's Place Bacolod,+Negros+Occidental,+Philippines@10.6407389,122.96895649999999&z=10

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