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My Hong Kong travel was so amazing and full of adventure. I did not expect that I can still avail this opportunity in my life since I left Cebu as well as my work. I kinda losing hopes from that time but few months later I was able to get back on track and relocated here in Davao. So my Hong Kong travel started in Davao going to Cebu, Cebu going to Manila and finally Manila to Hong Kong. 


Looking a place to stay might not easy to find especially when you are a budget conscious like me. However, you may check TripAdvisor's offer to choose which accommodation is good for you. Location, accessibility and security are those we should keep in mind.

Hankow Hotel

The room was clean enough and the bathroom was small but still good with hot and cold shower. You will have your own slippers, hair dryer, hot water, split AC, toiletries, TV and WiFi. Overall, it is very good for backpackers. The hotel is very accessible, it is located at 3rd Floor, No. 35-37 Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.


As a tourist, we should be aware how to get to a certain place and how to get back. Map and routes should be considered. But you should not worry when taking off because most information is just in front of you just not the rates though. To avoid counting money just to pay the exact amount, better use Octopus Card. You can avail it for a minimum of 150HKD, 50HKD is your deposit and the remaining balance would be your consumable amount. You can reload your card like in 7-eleven. View here for the list of authorize service provider. If you want to return the card, you will be reimbursed 41HKD only since the remaining 9HKD is your card rental fee.

Budget Tip

Booked a promo flight and avail discounted room rates. Reserve your Wednesday schedule for free admission to tourist spots. Reserved the whole day for each theme park you wish to visit. 

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