Lon Wa Buddhism Temple

Lon Wa Buddhist Temple

It is not my first time to visit a temple but it is my first time to visit one here in Mindanao. Last year, I went to Taoist Temple in Cebu and this time I visited Lon Wa Buddhist Temple. It is also known as Longhua Temple which means "Temple of the Dragon" located in JP Cabaguio Avenue, Agdao District, Davao City. It is one of the biggest Buddhist temple here in the Philippines as well as in the Island of Mindanao. The temple is admission free and is open to all visitors who wants to admire its unique architectural design and interiors. There is a large Buddha that welcomes you to the compound and a temple guard that can be your tour guide.

Lon Wa

Main Hall

Wooden Painting

Thousand-Armed Kuan Yina

Entrance Arc

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