Azaza Team Building 2014

For the first time, Azaza held the first team building at Oslob Cebu. Oslob is known for one thing and that is Whale Shark. Whale Shark is the most amazing thing you will ever see. They are being feed so its not quiet impressive seeing them being in natural surrounding but still I am impressed. I suggest that you take the earliest trip around 4am to bypass the early morning traffic getting out of the city. Cebu has terrible traffic conditions you would want to steer clear of.

When we arrived, we immediately head to our room to drop off our things then getting ready to go Whale Shark watching. We recommend that put it on the top list since the visibility of Whale Shark is around 7am to 9am and the Whale Shark interaction is held only until 12:30PM each day. So you better early if you do not want to do this on the next day. 

After that, we head to Sumilod Island few km away from Oslob via boat. It is a small island in the southern part of Cebu. Here, you can enjoy the majestic combination of beautiful rock formations, powdery white sand beach and pristine blue water of sea. 

Before we ended up our day, we head to Tumalog Falls. It is 15 to 20 minutes motor bike away from the Whale Shark location. It is really amazing to see the wonder of the nature discovered in the town of Oslob.,+Cebu,+Philippines@9.5630395,123.41592630000002&z=10

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  1. Gimingaw ko sa butanding, gimingaw ko sa bonding ug labaw sa tanan sa mga kabonding. Bwahahaha..

    1. ng.TULA ka lorz? hahahha

      gi mingaw nsad ko sa inyo diha tanan labi na sa pagtamak diha sa sugbong cebu :D