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My first step in Toledo City was 14 years ago when I was around 8 years old. We went there on the All Saints Day together with my father, younger sister, uncle and cousin. And today is my second time around and I'm not sure if I can still remember how to get into my uncle's house (my father's brother).

My father once told me that he wanted to talk to his brother if ever I will be going to Toledo since I'm already living in Cebu City for awhile now. He told me that he missed his brother so much because they haven't met since then due to his condition and my uncle also is unable to visit my father (who lives  in Cagayan de Oro City) due to their situation in life.

Sea Side

Toledo City is a 2nd class city in the province of Cebu. Toledo City, formerly know as "Hinulawan" which derives its names from the Hinulawan River running across the municipality.

Transportation facilities


Bay walk

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