Batusai Seafood Buffet

Batusai Seafood Buffet

Craving for seafood? Batusai Seafood Buffet is to the rescue. This is the best and most affordable seafood buffet in town. With one of it’s original co-owners hailing from General Santos, home to the nautical ports of the deep sea big fish, and the other of Japanese descent, Batusai Seafood Buffet has perfected the mix of Japanese and Filipino cuisines in each beautifully delicious dish of their eat-all-you-can.

In case you're wonder if they serve non-seafood dish - yes, they do serve like chicken, pork, beef and veggies but only few. Aside from that, they also serve fruits and desserts.

The place is quite small, with only a few tables, so it would be best to get a reservation. They have a contact number on their facebook page and they respond promptly to message.

More information

   Adult : 249/head
   Kids : 149/head (4-9 yo)
   Senior Citizen : 199/head

Business Hours - Daily
   Lunch : 11am - 2pm
   Dinner : 5:30pm - 9pm

Address : #598 McArthur Highway, Puan, Talomo Davao City
Contact : 09254521545 / 09233654435




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