Mamma Maria's Pizzeria Cafe

Mama Maria's Pizzeria Cafe

It is rarely for me to be in downtown nowadays due to the weather conditions and I don't want to be stock there while waiting to calm it down or wait until the rain is gone. So lately, I went to downtown after my shift despite the fact that it might have a heavy rain anytime soon.

I visited Mama Maria's Pizzeria Cafe at the Bajada. It is a nice place to have a chit chat with family and friends or bonding with someone you love. And one more thing I like about Mama Maria's is that you have an option to select two different pizza at the price of one. That would surely double the fun.

More information:

Open Hours : 09:00AM - 12:00AM (Daily)
Address : J.P. Laurel Ave. Corner IƱigo St, Bajada, Dava
Contact : (082) 221 4411
Website :


Mamma Mia




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