Batu Cafe & Bakeshop

Batu Cafe & Bakeshop

I already heard about this place when my colleague shared an idea to have a dinner over this place but it never happen for some instances not until my last day of work with ShareSource. 

Batu Cafe has a vibrant ambiance with its artistic wall designs. The cafe is a bohemian inspire cafe and they offer wide variety of food like breakfast, heavy meals, pastries and even international cuisine.

Together with my colleague, we order a food which is good for three person :

Pork Sizzling Sisig w/ Egg
- not too oily and it was served with black and red sauces which added the savory taste

Fish 'n Chips
- english buttered fish and homemade parmesan potato fries served with tartar

Bulalo Steak
- twice cooked beef shanks first boiled then grilled then served on a sizzling plate with mushroom gravy

Overall, the foods are really amazing and worth to spend a penny ;)

More information:

Office hours : 
 6am - 12am (daily)

Address : G/F Las Casitas Hotel, #509 Loyola Street,Davao City,
Contact : +82 222-6552

Pork Sizzling Sisig

Fish 'n Chips

Bulalo Steak,+Poblacion+District,+Davao+City,+8000+Davao+del+Sur,+Philippines@7.083570412331535,125.61470657587051&z=10

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