Homemade Crispy Pata

Crispy pata is a popular Filipino pork dish that uses a whole pig's leg. Each restaurant has its different version depending on the area, tradition and culture. I myself tried a few times eating Crispy Pata in various restaurant like Alejandro's Crispy Pata, Cafe Laguna and Kuya J but I have not tried it yet in our own home.

So we decided to cook a special dish that we never tried it before in our kitchen. It may not be served tastefully delicious like we used to have in restaurant but dining with your family in your own home makes it special!,+9000+Misamis+Oriental,+Philippines@8.4542363,124.63189769999997&z=10

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  1. Impressive! You did encourage me to make one. That's great keep it up on cooking :)